When it comes to brand marketing, businesses often make the same critical mistake — spending finite resources before focusing their brand message. Result? Plenty of fluff with little to show for it. Before jumping in, engage Satow Strategies to apply the art of smart marketing to your case. We can clarify your message, architect a marketing plan and boost your bottom line with five clear engagement options:

Brand Strategist – Big business brand strategy program scaled to any-sized business or organization
Brand Coach – Hourly quick-draw consulting to whip your brand into shape
Marketing Service Provider – Roll out your offer in style and in sync with our proven projects and programs
Brand Workshops – Tap into your group intelligence focused on cost-effective naming, positioning and marketing
Solopreneur Sessions – Bring your own professional resume or personal story to life in these tailored 1:1 sessions.

The result? Check out our case studies and see for yourself…

Here’s what we offer…

[thinking out of the box]
[breaking through the clutter]
[doing more with less]
[making something from nothing]
[getting out of the silo]
[changing the game]
[spinning the story]
[staying on point]
[brand strategy]
[competitive positioning]
[key messages]
[marketing plans and programs]
[product launches]
[digital content and print collateral]
[media relations strategies]