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The 5 P's of Marketing

The 5 P’s of Marketing

The marketing mix is often referred to as "The 4 P’s":

  • Product [product or service offering]

  • Price [pricing strategy or what customers will pay for the offering]

  • Place [sales channel or where customers acquire the offering]

  • Promotion [sales and marketing efforts to help the offering get found]

But smart companies know that there's a hidden 5th ingredient in any marketing mix that must be defined first before spending dollar one. Positioning — the 5th P of the marketing mix — is arguably the most important. It's the touchstone of any successful marketing initiative — the short story that tells a big story about you. Strong positioning differentiates your offering in the market and helps your message resonate with customers and industry partners. A marketing initiative without solid positioning behaves like a rudderless ship—all over the place and going nowhere.

Integrated Marketing

Once you’ve identified your positioning, an integrated marketing plan is developed. The plan is multi-dimensional — strategic and tactical, traditional and digital. Isolated projects will only take you so far before they run out of steam and you run out of money. Integrated programs with rich, consistent messages across multiple platforms are the way to go today. We deliver custom marketing plans for all-sized businesses including:

  • Market Research

  • Positioning and Brand Strategy

  • Key Messages

  • Rich Content

  • Traditional Channel Plans

  • Digital Marketing Programs

  • Sales Synch

  • Media Relations'

  • and more…