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Marketing means getting out into the marketplace

These days, everyone is so caught up in the digital marketing sphere that they forget that the most meaningful marketing for a small business comes when you step out of your shop and enter the marketplace.

While the value of Facebook and Google ads can’t be underestimated, don’t forget that networking with actual people and business owners in your vicinity can be equally as powerful. Prospective clients and customers are around every corner - literally. When’s the last time you attending a face to face networking event? Handed out business cards to stores you yourself shop at? Reminded family and friends that you’re at the ready to help them and their own network?

A client of ours in the insurance industry did just that recently. A customer stopped in and, after a few minutes of engaging chatter, the customer said he would provide a referral. The referral turned out to be the biggest customer the agent ever landed. How did he do it? By remembering that stepping out into the real-world ‘market’ to ask for a referral really does pay off. The customer was happy to help a friend. The friend was happy to find a great insurance partner who was really looking out for them. And the agent grew his business instantly. Win - win- win!

by Paula Satow
Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Paula Satow