Satow Strategies

Positioning: Our Secret Sauce

Positioning process

Satow Strategies applies our proprietary positioning tools across seven key steps:

  1. Identify your competitors so you know who is directly competing with you in the same category and who is substituting for you in another
  2. Analyze your customers so you know who needs your offering most and what attributes motivate them to make a selection 
  3. Conduct a comparative analysis so you understand the marketplace dynamics over time and can gain mastery over those dynamics
  4. Identify a unique positioning so you know your secret sauce and are poised to take the market by storm
  5. Build a marketing plan so you have a strategic roadmap with the traction to stand out in a crowded field and effectively attract customers
  6. Measure results so you know if your plan is working and if not, adjust accordingly
  7. Iterate so you're always poised for success

Group therapy for your brand.

Think of the competitive positioning process as group therapy for your brand. It lets you see things from all vantages—to face the reality of where your business is today and to envision where you want to take it tomorrow.