Satow Strategies


Where do we start?

Organizations often make the same critical mistake when it comes to establishing their relevance or growing their presence in the market. They use up their finite marketing resources before defining and sharing their one-of-a-kind big story that explains who they are and how they're different. Result? Lots of spend with little to show for it. That's why we start by clarifying your message and defining a measurable plan that works.

What do we do?

We tap into an array of tangible and intangible tools to help you craft a clear message and achieve clear results.


brand strategy
product naming
competitive positioning
social media strategies
marketing plans and programs
product launches
websites and digital marketing
media relations
sales synch


[thinking out of the box]
[breaking through the clutter]
[doing more with less]
[creating a new category]
[leading the market]
[changing the game]
[spinning a message]
[staying on point]