Satow Strategies

Speedbranding™ Workshops

Need a new name…yesterday?
Need to gain the edge…in a flash?

Satow Strategies puts brand marketing services at your fingertips with Speedbranding Workshop Service available where you need them…when you need them. Think of it as group therapy for your brand, always customized to meet your company’s unique needs. Our Speedbranding Workshop Service offerings include:

  1. Naming Workshops:  In these brainstorming sessions, we work with in-tact teams of key company, marketing and sales executives to help generate creative name ideas. These exciting, hands-on sessions are quick, cost-effective surprisingly creative ways to surface great names. Grab your thesaurus and we’re off and running.
  2. Positioning/Repositioning Workshops:  We lead your team through a highly focused strategic process, leveraging our proven strategic mapping tools to “reveal” the messaging with the potential to put your offerings way out in front of the competition.
  3. Brand Assessment Workshops:  See your brand from the outside in, applying proven research tools to assess, alighn and adjust your brand strategy to master today’s dynamic market mix. Plan ways to boost brand power and performance across your target audiences and channels.
  4. Personal Positioning and Power Networking Workshops:  Organizations, groups and/or individuals can sign up for these dynamic, hands-on sessions that apply time-tested business branding methods to help professionals discover their unique value proposition and find ways to enhance their roles at work and in future career endeavors.