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“I worked with Paula on several marketing projects including the naming of a new product. Paula is a naming and branding expert and can help any level business with company, product and service naming and branding issues. She took us through a great process and helped us tremendously.”
Greg Head
President & CEO | New Avenue

“Paula has been such an asset to Gabriel’s Angels. She guided us through the revamping of our mission statement and other branding initiatives. Paula is also timely and works well with clients. She has the unique ability to view a business from the outside looking in and really hit the mark. She helped us revamp our agency’s Mission, Vision, Guiding Philosophy and Positioning Statements. That has helped focus our efforts and make an even deeper impact in the community we serve.” Pam Gaber
Founder & President | Gabriel’s Angels

“I highly recommended Paula for her expertise in marketing and branding. She is such a tremendous help to us as our “virtual Marketing Department”. She is consistent, reliable, trustworthy and very effective. I enjoy working with her and highly recommend her to anyone. Thanks for everything you do, Paula!”
Lisa Winder-Hawkins
Co-Founder/President | Windhawk

“Paula was very forward thinking… She paid very close attention to detail and our budget. The scope of the project was broad and deep, there is no one I have met that could have handled this project this well. The end results were incredible.”
Cliff Melby
Chief Operating Officer | CUI & Waytronx

“Paula assisted us in helping to more clearly define our service offerings before undertaking a marketing campaign. As a result of her expert analysis and advice, we can clearly explain what we do now in a sentence, as opposed to a paragraph or three. Because of the clarity she brought to our branding and message, our marketing campaign has been able to generate far more leads than we had expected.”
Adam Muntner
Managing Partner | QuietMove

“Paula has shown such enthusiasm for my company and the products I offer. She is very motivating! And one day after our meeting I got two new clients! She is so talented and I am very thankful to have met her! I look forward to working with her in the future!”
Robyn Nola
Founder, President & CEO | Robyn Nola Co.

“I have been a local entrepreneur/CEO of several companies both private and public and have turned to Paula every time to assist us in developing our corporate strategic planning. This is a rare talent and Paula has the gift. She brings order to chaos and focus to brainstorming and I will continue to work with her in whatever business I am involved in, after all without strategy and execution how can any business expect success?”
Jeffrey Rassás
Founder, President & CEO | Notepad Group

“Our new brand, product and website positioning is getting great feedback in the market. Paula was invaluable in helping us work through our new positioning and then directing the development of our new website. Since introduction, of our new look and feel we have generated renewed interest in our offerings. Now, our target customers have a much clearer view of  the value we deliver. We have also been receiving rave reviews about the website and brand.”
Alan Steinberg
Founder & CEO | Deepdive Technologies

“Paula is a creative yet pragmatic specialist in branding and marketing strategy. She is great at applying the latest thinking to the task at hand and is never short of ideas for expanding business. She is an excellent addition to any design team.”
Marcus T. Wilson
Former VP, Group Strategy | Intel Corporation

“In the electronics industry, it is difficult to find a marketing firm that specializes in technical writing and works within a small company budget. Paula understood our industry and customer requirements from the beginning which allowed us to quickly ramp up our marketing materials. She is always just a phone call or email away to help us with small and large projects. Paula’s enthusiasm with the project also makes working with her quite fun! I highly recommend working with Paula.” Dawn Visser
Co-founder, President & CEO | MJS Designs

“Paula builds strategies for branding and marketing communication, both in start-up and large company settings. I have worked with her earlier at Intel and at Advent Solar and value her professionalism and high energy approach to problem-solving. I recommend her services without reservation.”
Naresh Baliga
Consultant | Health Informatics

“Successful products must align strategic intent and clear positioning with compelling customer benefits. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Paula Satow on these important issues at Intel and Primarion and her ability to synergize these separate views into one whole is unmatched.”
Michael Eisele
Executive Leader | Technology and Energy Industries

“I have had the pleasure of working with Satow Strategies over the past two years. Paula Satow has pushed me and my team to think differently about the possibilities for my company, its brand and expanding to new heights I may not have envisioned prior. She is an incredible manager of tasks with exceptional follow-up, ensuring PR, marketing and branding efforts run seamlessly. Thank you Paula…I look forward to using your company on future projects.”
Chadwic Gifford
President & Founder | Aura at Camelback

“I have worked with Paula at several companies and she has always had great insight into branding and position strategies for our company. Recently, Paula has helped us refine a new product branding and naming that we began using, and our strategy of putting our product logo on our customer end products. We have had positive feedback on it from customers on this name and logo. I would recommend Paula for her expertise in positioning, branding and corporate marketing to help both new and established companies.”
Brian Wong
Former President & CEO | D2Audio and Enevate

“As a sole proprietor, my brand not only needs to reflect my business, it also needs to reflect me. Working with Satow Strategies got my business branding on track! Paula took the time to learn about what my business is, who my target clients are, and the image I wanted to project. The result? A well-thought out strategy and language that completely capture what I couldn’t say on my own. Paula’s approach and commitment allowed me to quickly launch my new business with confidence!”
Leigh Mastrantonio | CEO, In2Focus

“Paula is an expert strategic marketing and branding consultant with a flair for creative thought, actionable planning, and long-term vision. New or existing marketing teams can benefit from her strategic experience and insightful marketing knowledge.”
Patti Naccarati
Former Marketing Director | Adtron

Paula has this gift to (right before your eyes) take all the pieces of a business apart and put them back together that not only makes sense but positions it intelligently, professionally and robustly. Paula has genuinely wowed me with her work. So if it is WOW you are looking for (outstanding results!)… I would strongly suggest you meet with her and see for yourself!”
Andrew Kolikoff
President & CEO | Kolikoff and Co

“Paula is the most strategic thinker among the many marketing communications people I know.”
Bill Pohlman
Chairman of the Board | Primarion

“Paula has a unique ability to extract information about a product or business and develop crisp messages that powerfully communicate the compelling Value Proposition. Paula also is expert at helping develop the complete set of material that is necesary to make any business look like a world-class organization. Lastly, Paula puts the organization’s needs ahead of her own and does whatever it takes to help a business or customer succeed.”
Neil Shea
Former VP of Sales | Primarion

“We have leveraged Paula’s expertise in a variety of ways, from corporate and technology naming to website development and PR activities. What’s truly unique about Paula is her ability to blend high level of strategic thinking with practical programs and measurable results as well as a strong understanding of the technology sector. I highly recommend her for startups, larger companies and global corporations everywhere.”
Jarvis Tou Executive
VP, Marketing & Business Developmen | Enevate


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