At Satow Strategies, we have a unique, two-fold process to helping clients achieve marketing success.

  1. Discover your unique positioning.
  2. Define and drive your integrated brand marketing program.

The Power of Positioning. It is said that marketing is made of key focus areas famously dubbed, “The 4 P’s: Product, Price, Place and Promotion.” At Satow, “the 5th P” is the most powerful ingredient in the marketing mix: Positioning. Positioning is the cornerstone of your message. We think of it as “The short story that tells the Big Story about you.” It is a story that resonates with your audience — from clients and partners to media and the general public.

Integrated Brand Marketing. This is the launchpad for your new positioning message.  We work closely with you and your team to integrate the right mix of media, marketing venues and  initiatives, all informed by your  business goals and positioning, to meet your timeline, scope and budget. Serving as a “virtual VP of Marketing,” we are there every step of the way to help you bring it all together…

  • Web Your website should reflect the true you — always putting your best foot forward. We help you design your website strategically, effectively leveraging internal and external resources to reach the right audiences with the right message…right on time.
  • Advertising Ads have the power to break through the clutter faster than a speeding bullet, with the impact and reach you need to change the game. From print ads to pay-per-click, we can help you convey your message creatively and effectively, whether reaching the widest range of consumers or the most targeted list of  industry prospects.
  • Print Collateral has the power to express the pure poetry of your offering – image, tone, impression and language can all work in harmony to reflect the brand and express the message. We work with you and your team to find the right resources and deliver a printed work of art.
  • Direct Direct Marketing is the focused approach to reaching customers and prospects. With postcards, brochures, e-mail and newsletters, direct marketing is still one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to hit the target. Satow helps you define and design the right electronic and print programs to make your mark –on time and on budget.
  • Content Effective messaging is the common thread that runs through all materials – print or electronic – fueling your ability to grow awareness and garner mindshare. Today, content must be written to cut through the clutter not only in a prospect’s mind but on the web as well. We are expert at writing collateral, social media messages, blogs, newsletters and other deliverables, all optimized for your audience and for search engines as well.


What’s our secret sauce?

Think of it as group therapy for your brand. First, Analysis! We run a complete communications audit—from all vantages—to understand where your business is today. Next, Implementation! We deliver a custom, comprehensive and actionable Brand Report to take your business where it needs to go including:

  • Brand and naming strategy
  • Competitive positioning map
  • Messaging platform
  • Web and social media strategy
  • Marketing communications planning and programs


Satow Strategies:  Focused. On Point. Unmistakably different…
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