The art of smart marketing.

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Smart marketing gets big results

When it comes to marketing, small businesses can't waste time or money growing their fanbase or bottom line. They need results...yesterday. The good news? We know how it's done. Ready for results... Let's get started.
  • Listen

    We take a consultative approach, learning about your market requirements and business goals using insightful techniques from exploratory workshops to custom questionnaires.

  • Analyze

    Customized communications audits and market research paint a clear picture of the competitive landscape and your distinct brand marketing opportunities.

  • Brand

    Our strategic Brand Marketing Platform serves as the cornerstone of your communications, ready to power a precise mix of traditional and new media programs.

  • Integrate

    Our distinctive Brand Marketing Platform is the cornerstone for a marketing communications plan, delivering the right results across the right mix of traditional and new media channels.

  • Market

    Now, it’s time to rollout the marketing activities that fit your strategy, timeline and budget – including website development, social media presence, PR, email marketing, events and more.

  • Learn

    With a market that’s always in flux and a commitment to constant improvement, we work with you to assess and adjust, keeping your business on track for growth.


Satow Strategies is the Scottsdale AZ-based integrated brand marketing consultancy that creates world-class company and product names, brand strategies, marketing programs and plans  to help businesses stand out and succeed in today’s social and connected world.

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Satow Strategies: The art of smart marketing.
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