Naming A Company

What’s in a name? Everything. 
Creating an unforgettable name can be a daunting task. However, with the right methodology, great names are always ready to discover, even in a market overcrowded with brand clutter. At Satow Strategies. we take a systematic, proven approach to developing great brand name results for new companies, products, services and technologies following a consistent methodology:

  1. Explore the options focusing on the right name strategy for you and your business: generic, descriptive, suggestive, arbitrary, coined/fanciful
  2. Generate a rich array of creative name options across the strategic spectrum tailored to meet your needs
  3. Drive and manage the transformation process from the birth of your new brand name through market rollout and business success

We have a solid track record of success in helping all-sized businesses and organizations discover their new name in a straightforward, timely and cost-effective fashion. Our price-sensitive naming programs cover the gamut from individual names to complete architectures and nomenclature systems. 

 We have developed names and taglines in virtually every market segment including:

  • Companies
    • Aerisa company name 
    • New Avenue company name 
    • Waytronx company name 
    • Primarion company name 
    • Terrion company name 
  • Products/Services
  • Products/Technologies
    • Advent Solar Ventura technology name 
    • Intel XScale technology name  
    • Intel StrataFlash technology name  
    • Digizoid zo sound product name


Satow Strategies:  Because everything’s in a name…
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