Company Positioning Strategy & Content

Powerful content is marked by two distinct traits:

  • Attractive and easy to understand in the mind’s of your prospects
  • Atractive and easy to find in the mind’s of the search engines

At Satow Strategies, we help you develop powerful website content that attracts and resonates in the minds of both targets.

  1. We start with helping you develop a powerful positioning message that rests at the heart of all your communications. Positioning  is the “one thing” your company or product stands for. It is the core message at the center of all your content. From introducing new products and services to re-energizing existing ones, Satow is a leader in developing strong positioning messages and building powerful content that crisply conveys what makes you tick and consistently sets you apart in the hearts and minds of your customers. 
  2. Then, we ensure that you have identified the right key words and messages to help the web’s search engines find you and prioritize you when prospective customers start “googling” your offering in search of the perfect vendor or supplier.


The 5 P’s of Marketing. Marketing is famously dubbed, “The 4 P’s: Product, Price, Place and Promotion.” As we mntioned, for us, the 5th and the most important ingredient in the marketing mix is “positioning.” Positioning is the touchstone of your message — the short story that tells a big story about you, helping your story resonate with customers, partners, media and the general public.

Positioning strategy and powerful content:

  • Close the gaps between market expectations and your actual offerings
  • Clearly articulate your one-of-a-kind differentiation in the marketplace
  • Arm your sales team with clear, effective help-you-sell tools
  • Align your messages across all audiences

Through our proprietary strategic toolset and starting with positioning, Satow Strategies aligns your marketing messages with your business direction and analyzes your position in the marketplace, creating a 360° Message Matrix for use with all your target audiences. We develop strategic content across all channels — from presentations to web pages. As needed, we can also tap into a host of outstanding strategic partnerships to deliver extended services from web design and collateral creation to complete business plans.

Satow Strategies:  Positioning for success…
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