Satow Strategies




Unleashing the bandwidth

When several former Intel executives started this new high technology venture, they needed a unique name and strong technology brand worthy of their advanced computing power and I/O chips.

Satow Strategies conducted a comprehensive brand assessment and recommended an integrated brand strategy including:

  • company name:  Primarion
  • product name:  PowerCode
  • brand architecture
  • tagline:  Unleashing the Bandwidth
  • key messages:  For multiple channels including web, collateral and PR

Satow also identified and coordinated an outstanding communications team including graphics, web and PR talent. Together, they developed a world-class brand identity and communications package including corporate logo, website, corporate suite, product literature and media kit. 

The result… unprecedented industry awareness, record-breaking venture funding, outstanding press and analyst coverage and industry accolades and awards. The company was eventually sold to Zarlink and Infineon.